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John D. Nugent
3 February
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JOHN D. NUGENT was born in Charleston, WV. Besides various cities in that State, John has made residence in West Palm Beach, FL and, currently, Erwin, TN.

John studied Musicology and Composition at the University of Charleston (Charleston Conservatory of Music and the Fine Arts, previously Mason College). His teachers included Thomas Conlin, Barbara Wright, and David Williams.

John's style is a mixture of tonality and pantonality, depending on the needs of the piece at hand, mixed with subtle Pop and Jazz elements.

During his studies, he was among the pioneers of the Absurdist Movement in Music, based chiefly on the Dramatic/Literary style of the same name.

Important compositions include an Easter Cantata (Pop Sacred), a Miserere (Sacred), the Guitar Sextet in L-Flat Augmented (Absurdist, Chamber), Nebuchadnezzar (Rock Musical Theatre), The Ebony Horse (Operetta), Dark Mission (Opera), and, currently in progress, Varmints (Opera). John also wrote music for Charles Deemer's Chapel Drama You Might As Well Live: A Celebration of Dorothy Parker, which was premiered at First Unitarian of Portland, Oregon in July of 2003.

John has also contributed Incidental Music for stage productions of Julius Caesar (1991), Barefoot in the Park (1992), Everyman (1992), The Emperor's New Clothes (1995), and Rumplstiltskin (1995).

John is a member of the Greater Tri-Cities Area Composers' Consortium (for whom he presently serves as Webmaster) and of the American Composers' Forum. He is the Music Editor of "The Oregon Literary Review".

John is also a prolific playwright. Important compositions here include Diamonds and Roses (Comedy), Reunion (Drama), The Devil's Playground (Drama). He is co-author of the screenplay The Gospel According to Stan, optioned by Chained God Productions.

He is the current Artistic Director of the Tennessee Independent Theatre Company.

TRIVIA ON JOHN D. NUGENT (For use in trivia sections of Programs)

Politically, John describes himself as a moderate (?) Libertarian. He hopes to run for office on the ticket for that Party.

Whereas many activists tend to choose popular causes, John goes out of his way to advocate unpopular causes - often referring to the hypocrisy in these causes being unpopular when interrelated causes are not. On the whole, though, he holds modern activism in compete contempt and does not enter into it lightly.

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